North Side Hip Hop | A Source for Canadian Hip Hop History and Culture
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 Northside Hip Hop Archive

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Northside Hip Hop Archive is a digital collection of Canadian hip hop history and culture. This site houses a selection of artifacts and multimedia memorabilia collected from 2010-2016. We are in the process of digitizing, cataloguing and expanding our collection courtesy of architects organizing and producing for our biggest multi-city collaboration to date, the “I Was There Project.”


Previously, was the first site to showcase items from Canadian hip hop history, such as the first vinyl recordings, art, performances and literature from across the country.

Today, we continue as a ‘living archive’, capturing and documenting Canadian hip hop culture, past and present. Northside Hip Hop Archive does not and cannot capture everything, rather we are opening a door to the process of documenting our histories.


We would like to acknowledge our partners The Royal Canadian Heritage, Canada Council for the Arts, The FCAD Forum at Ryerson University, The IMP Labs at the University of Regina, IPLAI at McGill University, Ontario Arts Council and The Cultural Studies Department at Queen’s University


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music archive
Legacy Audio Archive

Broadcasts, music & interviews


visual archive
Legacy Visual Archive

Artworks, posters, photography & illustrations


material culture archive
Legacy Material Culture Archive

Performances, gatherings, milestones & celebrations