This curriculum is designed to have students engage critically with this digital archive. It is guided by the Ontario Ministry of Education’s curriculum expectations for grade 10, within five courses.

There are three lessons for each of the five grade 10 courses; each set of three lessons form an arc culminating in a summative task tied to course expectations.

While these subject-specific lesson arcs are designed for grade 10 courses, they can be adapted to use with students in grades 8 to 12.

English, Grade 10, Academic/Applied 1. Love, Props & the T-Dot: Examining Canadian Hip Hop via Documentary
2. Hip Hop Future and Past: Predicting, Connecting and Inferring
3. The Message: Inferring Theme and Decoding Figurative Language in Hip Hop
English Lesson Arc
Links & Resources
History, Grade 10, Academic/Applied 1. Pioneers & Architects: Canadian Hip Hop Radio DJs
2. Get the Word Out: Grassroots Event Promotions
3. Battles, History and Hip Hop
History Lesson Arc
Links & Resources
Media Arts, Grade 10, Open 1. Mixtapes: The Lost Archive’s Artists
2. Hip Hop Music Videos: Critical Analysis
3. Storyboards, Album Covers and Alternative Inspiration
Media Arts Lesson Arc
Links & Resources
Music, Grade 10, Open 1. Make Room: Women Emcees
2. Set World Records: Canada’s Hip Hop Ambassadors
3. Gateway to Canadian Rap
Music Lesson Arc
Links & Resources
Visual Arts, Grade 10, Open 1. Subliminal Simulation: Hip Hop’s Street Magazine Comics
2. Boom Comics and Beat Nation
3. The Art of Eklipz
Visual Arts Lesson Arc
Links & Resources


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