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Boom! Comics #8 (1995-005COM)

Although all of hip hop culture is art, in this section we focus on various parts of hip hop culture in Canada, including; street magazine, graph art, literature, poetry, photography and art exhibitions. Because hip hop culture is so infectious and beautifully contagious that one can find its influence through various facets of our society. Much of the information found in this section.  Generously donated by DEA

B[OO]M Comics (1991-003COM)

Boom Comics released  its first issue in December 1991, issue # 0 received great feedback and eventually was distributed throughout Toronto area record stores.  Boom Comics began as an outlet for many graphic artists in Toronto’s hip hop scene to do more than just flyers.  Artists that were a part of B[oo]m included; Anthony Lue Clarke, Kevin Burteson, Base Poet, Little X and more.  Founder DEA (Design Enforcement Agency) explained that these comics depicted life as it existed in Toronto neighbourhoods.  Themes ranged from racism, stereotyping and overpolicing and the comic also included album reviews of local artists, charts and advertisements.  Issues also included record reviews and sometimes included mixtapes with new local music.  This was monumental in the early 1990s as very few all Canadian mixtapes existed.

B[oo]m was reviewed in the U.S. magazine the Source and was involved in the Fresh Arts program in Toronto.  Its influence as a grassroots zine was monumental as many other street magazines began poppin up in Toronto post 1991.  Stay tuned to as you just might find some rare and vintage comic strips on these web pages in the future!!!