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Visual Culture

CKLN (88.1)s Fantastic Voyage Program Presents the 2nd Annual: Monster Jam ’85 Part One

Listen to Ron Nelson talk about CKLN (88.1)s FANTASTIC VOYAGE PROGRAM PRESENTS THE 2nd ANNUAL MONSTER JAM ’85 Part One on Saturday, July 6th.

Return of the Ill-Scratch-Attack!

CHRY Presents Return of the Ill-Scratch-Attack! Metro MixOff for Turntable Supremacy Friday, August 26, 1994 @ 6pm. Head to head, toe to toe, top beat creators will be showcasing their skillz and it’s free, but if you bring a canned good to be donated to the Daily Bread Food Bank, you could be eligible to win some phat! phat! prizes!

Driftwood Community Centre 4401 Jane Street (just North of Finch)

The Fifth Annual Metro MixOff for Turntable Supremacy
Bringing it Back to the Real!

Generously donated from the personal archive of Lil’ Jaz.