North Side Hip Hop | Upcoming Events
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Upcoming Events

The “I Was There” project is a national archiving initiative organized by the Northside Hip Hop Archive. During 2017 we will work with Archive Fellows in Hamilton, Ontario, Montreal, Quebec, Toronto, Ontario and Saskatoon, Saskatchewan to excavate and promote the achievements of local hip hop Architects across Canada.  We will digitize archival materials and develop curriculum innovation projects that allow Educators to access and utilize the site’s archival materials in meaningful ways.


Celebrations of our Archive Fellows for 2017 are as follows:

Butcher T |  March 9, 2017 

Eekwol @eekwol | March 11, 2017 


Eklipz @eklipz1 |  March 24, 2017 in Hamilton

DJ Ron Nelson @djronnelson | March 31, 2017